As a workforce development agency, we are uniquely placed to bridge the gap between aspiring professionals and industry employers. We have heard the concerns of HR representatives and employers in many sectors of the healthcare industry related to the missing qualities of incoming employees. We know that due to the cost and time required to adequately orient and equip new hires, many new employees are cast into the throes of high-demand and high-stress scenarios with insufficient preparation. Our training aims to holistically prepare budding healthcare workers with the necessary foundation to be successful in this industry. If you are struggling to find the right types of candidates, we can refer prospective employees who have completed our training, and who we believe might make a great addition to your team. Or, allow us to partner with you to provide a comprehensive onboarding experience for new hires that will give them not only needed certifications, but also encourage the development of emotional intelligence, quality customer service, and self-care awareness that will prepare workers to excel, while offsetting turnover due to burnout.