The Southcentral AHEC Team is excited to announce that Health Education Coordinators Cassandra Snelson and Alicia Reando and Workforce Services Program Manager Sydney Burns have completed Mandt Instructor Training this week! The Mandt System implements holistic, evidence-based techniques for conflict resolution and de-escalation to help prevent violence in the workplace. The entire philosophy of the programs and services provided by The Mandt System, Inc. is based on “Putting People First” and on “Supporting People, Not Just Their Behaviors™.” Our three new instructors add to the ranks of the two existing Mandt Instructors at the SC AHEC who teach this course regularly as a part of our PATH Academies.

We are excited to teach students how to prevent and de-escalate conflict by building healthy relationships, creating healthy communication, and practicing healthy conflict resolution. Additionally, Mandt teaches students about the intersection of trauma and behavior and how to implement positive behaviors support skills to create safety in the workplace. An optional training provides students the opportunity to learn physical skills to safely intervene during instances of emotional escalation and physical aggression.

To learn more or request a training please contact Teresa Novakovich at