We are holding a the kickoff of the Health Workforce Stakeholder’s Breakfast on 5/17. You can register here: https://healthworkforcestakeholdersbreakfastanch20190517.eventbrite.com

The purpose of this event is simple – this is an opportunity for all of us that work on growing the health workforce to meet, eat, and share. This is not a workgroup. There’s no project on the agenda.

So many of us are developing programs, delivering trainings, and working on policy issues. We need a forum to gather together to form partnerships and gain knowledge about one another’s efforts so we can leverage partnerships and stop “reinventing the wheel.”

Thank you to our breakfast sponsor – Cook Inlet Tribal Council’s, Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG) program, led by HPOG Program Manager DeAnna Roering. Through HPOG, participants can pursue healthcare training and employment with the objective of achieving self-sufficiency and sustainability. As the host, they will spend a few minutes introducing their program. But the rest of the time will be spent going around the room with introductions and brief share out of initiatives.

I hope you can make it.