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APCA has been approached by the State of Alaska to contract and coordinate a Community Health Center Contact Tracing Program. The goal of this program is to increase the pool of community-based contact tracers that can be drawn upon in individual communities and on a statewide basis. This would be in addition to any current CHC patient contact tracing that a Health Center may be undertaking with its own patients.

Why Community Health Centers?

CHCs are an important player in the public health infrastructure of our state. They have local knowledge of the community, the gatherings, and the people. For APCA’s Contact Tracing Program, the community and region of the Community Health Center will be prioritized.

Contact Tracer Qualifications:

Participating CHCs will have Contact Tracers and one Supervisor. There is no limit to the number of contact tracers per CHC.

Contact Tracers can be provider or non-provider staff.

Supervisors should have clinical experience.

Training & Onboarding:

Supervisors and Contact Tracers must complete approximately 12 hours of self-paced online training provided by UAA. The trainings must be completed within a specified time frame.

  • Case/Contact management system onboarding
  • Orientation (Virtual)
  • Observing a contact tracer/mentor (Virtual)
  • Mentor must sign off on competency of participant


Contact Tracers must be available for 10 hours/week. The initial duration of this program is 90 days and could be extended based on funding and need.


CHCs will be reimbursed for Contact Tracers and Supervisors. Invoices will be sent to APCA monthly for reimbursement.

For Assistance:

Contact Sydney Burns at