I received this email from a PATH Academy student today and it made my day. I admire James for how he keeps his mind open to possibilities, while “doing the work” to prepare professionally so when opportunities came knocking, he was well ready to take them on.

Good afternoon ladies! I hoped to take a moment, once again, and extend a heart-felt “Thank You!!” to both of you. I was offered a position by Volunteers of America Alaska (VOAA), accepted it, and actually just started yesterday :). I’m sooooo amazed by this place and all that they offer.

When I submitted my paperwork for PATH, I was fairly sure what I was “looking for,” but completely uncertain how I would take the ‘next steps’ in the process. No road-map, only a set of hopes. I went through most of those 3 weeks having little to no expectation of finding something that would be suited to my career and vocational interests and plans…only to discover that once I stopped searching so hard and trying to create those steps in my new path, God provided for my children and I, placing a truly incredible learning experience right at my feet. As it turns out, VOAA is closely linked with the counseling psychology graduate programs at APU. They have an agreement with them that they accept a very limited number of second-year student interns for the clinical hours required for state licensure.

Oh, and I meant what I said about helping out in any way that I could if you ever need me. Don’t ever hesitate to reach out…promise 🙂 – James

At the SC Alaska AHEC, we work with students across the spectrum – K-12, undergraduate students, graduate students, and adults with no postsecondary training. Our goal is to serve underserved communities to health care professionals, and underserved people to great jobs in healthcare.